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FREE Mortgage Prequalification Letter

Here are a few pointers to help you with mortgage prequalification letter. Any questions you might have to do with getting your

FREE Mortgage Prequalification Letter.

To make the grade, you need to make sure you always deal with a direct lender - NOT a broker. NO broker can issue any substantive mortgage prequalification letter, since they DO NOT make loans.

We are a direct lender prequalify. we do make loans. Our mortgage prequalification letter will help you find out how much you really qualify for, up front.  The mortgage prequalification letter can be customized using the latest financing programs available, to make your house hunting easier.

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Right Loan Amount - This is the area that can be variable, since we can change your program to get you more or less value, depending upon your desires. People often change what they are willing to pay, so the loan payment terms can increase or decrease the loan amount accordingly.


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