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News Releases -

 Another Great Way To Keep Current on Prequalification letter sources

Freely available quality, relevant content that can help grow over time

Press releases are available from a wide variety of sources. They provide an excellent source to meet your particular requirements.

You will find press releases on individual company sites, other times you may find an industry body that distributes news releases to all appropriate parties, prequalify. usually we will make them available on our web site.

  • What's going on
    Sometimes you will find press releases on the individual company sites, other times there will be an industry body the distributes news releases
  • Best financing tips
    Usually news releases come in a format that allow you to edit them. This can be particularly useful if you want to include some of your chosen keywords
  • How to do the right thing in financing
    In addition to using other people's news releases you can also generate your own. These can be used on your own site and also distributed to third parties
  • Help me -Toto - I'm lost!
    If you have a lot of news items to include it can be worth splitting them into months and have a parent page for each month with subpages underneath.




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